Windows Loader by Daz 2.2.2

Windows Loader is not an operating system loader, as it may seem at first glance. This program is a universal activator for operating systems and office from Microsoft. Currently only supports Windows 7. If you encounter versions of the patcher for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, they should be bypassed, for sure it is viruses or malicious applications. Also, you can download KMSAuto for Windows 8-10 here.

What is this program?

Windows Loader is based on the security hole of all Microsoft products that allows you to activate the OS and office programs without a genuine license.

The principle of operation of activator

Download Windows Loader version 2.2 2 by Daz Team from our website by direct link and activate your operating system can be anyone, regardless of the skills of ownership of the PC.

The application works according to the following scheme. During startup, it checks the status of the license and displays information about it. After clicking on the activation button, Loader connects to the key storage server (KMS-service) and downloads files (*.tc files) required to activate the selected product. After that, KMS considers that the product is activated. The scheme is the same for all supported operating systems 32 bit and 64 bit, as well as for office programs.


The program is absolutely safe for any computer. It does not modify system files or change registry entries, but only adds them. In the case of files, these are special tokens without which Windows 10/Office cannot be activated. In the registry, Loader creates a new branch to log and save the date of operations.

Download the app with a multilingual interface the development team offers for free and attaches its source code.

Possible problems and tips

Install a license with an active anti-virus, most likely, will not work. Before running the program, it should be disabled or deactivated active protection.

If instead of the “Install” button appeared the inscription:” Uninstall other cracks”, then the operating system has already been activated by another product, but activation then flew off. You need to get rid of previous modifications (using RemoveWAT), reboot, and then use the program again.

Crack may not work if you have update KB971033 on your laptop. Suddenly, after restarting Windows, it is not activated, you need to remove this update through the Update Center, prevent it from re-downloading and try to install the license again.

Download link: